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The Phil Hendrie Show's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Phil Hendrie Show

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When phil imitates phil [06 Feb 2009|07:27pm]

Jan 11 2000 Hour 2 - Whole bit involves phil getting 'cranked' repeatedly and devolving into a screaming nervous breakdown at his engineer over the failure to screen the calls. (faked)

Jan 11 2001 - Margaret Gray joins to discuss 'Isle of Lesbos', the bit is terminated early on when phil takes a bad caller that slipped through screening having called back a second time, devolving into an IRL of phil publically berating and yelling at the crew over their ineptitude for the remainder of the hour.
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Hilarious movie you have to see!! [02 Nov 2008|04:22pm]

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phil called it (ashley todd hoax) [24 Oct 2008|10:18pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I'm listening to a re-run of last night's show; Phil's totally ranting about how this is a hoax (before the hoax was proven). One reason I like Phil.


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Life imitates Phil - Pastor William Rennick [28 Sep 2008|12:46pm]

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Yoda's what I'm all about [22 Jul 2008|07:09am]


Anybody got the clip(or at least know the date) of when someone(I think Mavis Leonard) said this line about Yoda?

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Phil Hendrie is Back on the Air [13 Jun 2008|12:36pm]

The Phil Hendrie Show is back on the radio. Check out


to listen and discuss the show with other fans.
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Good sweet Christ [25 May 2007|03:43pm]

Doug Dannger calls Combs:

Combs: "Were you a gay journalist when you got married?"
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[18 Apr 2007|08:54pm]

The spirit of the Phil Hendrie Show is still alive and well. Check out


Lots of news,videos and all the current Hendrie links. If you haven't been there check it out.

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[23 Jun 2006|09:29pm]

Fucking rock, I was just on the air saying goodbye to phil.
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[23 Jun 2006|10:15pm]

the last ever phil hendrie show is live right now.
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[14 May 2005|02:53am]

wow, no one has posted in here in almost a year.

does anyone else love bud dickman? hes almost become a co-host. i love it. anyway.
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[11 Aug 2004|09:24am]

I thought I'd drop by and say hello. I have been listening to Phil for about 4 years and it is the best entertainment there is. When it's good. Lately, in the last year or so, it seems he has been using his characters to move his political viewpoints to the front. He has every right to but I find it rather annoying. Phil talking about his family is funny. Phil talking about politics is less so. I used to be able to listen to all three hours of the show but now I find myself skipping directly to the bits because I cannot take hour after hour of "Phil on politics." Nevertheless, Phil has made me laugh like no one else can in the last 4 years and I wouldn't trade that for anything.
One favorite bit I must mention is when Jay Santos was patrolling the city during Menopause Awareness Month. He was asking older female drivers to pull over to establish whether or not they were driving with both hands on the wheel or scratching with one, driving with the other. He said something about doing a "roadside test" where he would have the woman driver on the hood of her car and he would do an inspection with a flashlight and a miner's helmet to check for dryness. Beer came out of my nose. Only Phil can make me laugh like that.
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Hi Guys [03 Aug 2004|07:10pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hello Everyone:
I don't see many posts here, but I'll take the chance that maybe someone is lurking in this journal. I'm a huge Phil Hendrie fan. I love Bobbie Dooley, Steve Bosell,Vernon Dozier and Jay Santos. I must admit that when I first heard the show, i didn't know that it was a joke. I was listening to a skit where Phil was playing, "Ted Bell." Ted Bell was accusing people of raping his salad bar, and if he saw a chubby person going back for seconds, he would tell them that, "They didn't need the extra food." People were calling in, furious at ted bell, and then I realized that no one could be that dumb! Anyhow, I've loved the show every since. Anyone have any favorite skits or characters?

Take care, Kate

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Newbie! [14 Jul 2004|08:46pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I don't know if this community gets anymore traffice but I love the Phil Hendrie show...he is a genius and a great laugh...hope I wake this community up!

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Is it just me... [18 May 2004|10:06pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

Or is Phil becoming more and more generic? With this prison abuse thing, he's saying the same thing every other talk radio guy is saying(it's not that bad, it's not a big deal, etc). Seriously, he's starting to sound like Rush. Between that and the general toning down of the show after Janet Jackson showed her boobie, I'm not digging Phil as much as I used to. :(

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[05 May 2004|12:39pm]

does anybody post here anymore??? because i live in maine and i dont get to listen to him online all that often....
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Any of you boogies got a light? [17 Apr 2004|11:21pm]

Or: where the fuck is everyone? I'm like the only one who posts here. You all suck prodigious amounts of wampa wang for not posting more.

Anyway, I was just thinking about how some of my friends would make such good Phil Hendrie characters. Like this guy: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=admiralthrawn60

What about yall? Any friends that are so absurd they seem like fictional characters?
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That cortaslim commercial Phil does during Rush's show... [07 Apr 2004|12:51pm]

The one where he says "I'm a big fan of Rush's". Did anyone else laugh out loud at that?
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I'm really digging this Van Halen bit. [26 Mar 2004|11:43pm]

[ mood | amused ]

It reminds me of Arseface. :D

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Since when are Candians, in Canada, subject to US law? [08 Mar 2004|11:33pm]

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